About Us

Manchester’s oasis of ultimate hairdressing

In the Heart of Manchester

Located in the heart of Manchester Oxford Road, our team of client driven and devoted hair specialists ensure the ultimate hairdressing experience. Here at The Hepburn Hair Project, the salon is a calm sanctuary that allows us to concentrate on your individual hairdressing requirements.

Expert Advise

We provide our customers with expert advice during our consultations to ensure we exceed expectations and deliver results that you desire. Furthermore, we reinforce the importance of the three C’s, Cut Colour and Condition.

We do not see competition

We are too busy concentrating on what we are creating

The Three C’s

It is important to take into consideration the individuality of each client, such as their facial and features shape, life style and fashion style. Each cut needs to be made to suit these personal attributions along with an easy styling maintenance to suit a busy life style.

Our team of specialists are realists and will help you decide on a cut that will work for you and your style.

We believe colour should reflect a variety of rich, beautiful and natural tones that will in essence complement the clients cut skin tone and eye colour. Even an all over block colour should generate natural tonal highlights, creating a dimension and depth of exquisite colour. Supermarket box colours often provide colour with a flat base colour with no depth, along with highlighting kits that create a stripy brassy look.

Here at the Hepburn Hair Project, we ensure high quality branded colour is used and mixed to perfection, followed by a toning process to provide a rich and natural looking result.

The condition of each client’s hair is key to ensure beautiful colour that reflects the light perfectly. During consultation, we put your hairs condition first and choose the best products to support the needs of your hair. For example, if your hair is extremely weak and damaged we will provide the best advice, products and care to prevent further damage. Healthy hair is the key to a beautiful style, colour and cut.

Our team consists of a small group of talented hairstylists who have years of experience in the field of cutting, styling and colouring, setting a high standard of quality craftsmanship and art across Manchester. In addition to experience, our team are constantly learning new tricks and tips following and even creating the latest trends to replicate the latest celebrity trends and looks.