Manchester Hairdressers: Unleash An Amazing You

Some people shrug off the importance of hair, but it is a natural accessory that is meant to accentuate your overall look. If you see hair as a nuisance, you might have gone to a Manchester hairdresser who did not know what he or she was doing. Experienced hairdressers Manchester city centre understand how to style hair, and it has nothing to do with what is hip but rather what matches your unique makeup.

You can trust that The Hepburn Hair Project will help you find the right style because this is the company’s goal. The stylists at this salon have years of experience in transforming bland styles into something worthwhile, and all they want is a chance to wow you.

Good Manchester Hairdressers Understand the Importance of Hair

This salon is filled with the best hairdressers in Manchester simply because they understand the importance of hair. Hair commercials have given you a hint of how important your lovely locks are. You have seen hair with a natural bounce that shines; it looks spectacular.

Still, many Manchester hairdressers and others do not truly understand how hair can impact your life. The Hepburn Hair Project salon and its styling professionals do understand how important hair is. This is why our salon is more of an oasis rather than just a salon. Here, hair is given its rightful place.

Our salon also knows how much you care about your hair. For one, we know that most Britons spend about £93.37 a month on beauty. A good portion of that money is used on their hair. It may not be obvious to other hair salons, but we know that what you decide to spend your money on is important to you.

The Hepburn Hair Project knows that part of the reason people spend so much time on their appearance is because it makes a difference. Our specialists know how to find the right look that will help you look your best. The right style can even bring out sexiness. We know how important that is to some. In fact, a recent survey showed that only one in five British women find themselves sexy.

The hairdressers in our hair salon Manchester city centre will not let you out of your chair until you are completely satisfied. Many people make the mistake of assuming that sexiness is all about the body or how you dress, but the way you style your hair has a lot to do with your appearance as well. The right style will not only make you feel sexy; it should improve confidence, and you can take it from there.

The Hepburn Hair Project Will Uncover Who You Truly Are

You may not know this, but your hair reveals your personality in subtle ways. The good people behind The Hepburn Hair Project have found this to be true. With their experience and keen observation, they realized that hair shows off a person’s personality, just like it accentuates beauty. Applying this knowledge to the salon has made it one of the best hair salon Manchester.

There are four prime types of personalities that can be expressed through your hairstyle, but these can overlap. To pinpoint them, you can consult with one of the hairdressers at the The Hepburn Hair Project.

The first type is the impactful style, which is for those who are a bit adventurous or experimental with their hair. This is usually reserved for the person who wants to call a little attention to him or himself. It may sound like this person will try anything. The truth is that the hairstyle needs to match the person, or the attention will simply expose a hairstyle that does not work. Do not worry, the hairdressers at the salon will take their time to visualise the look before starting.

Another type of personality that can be expressed with your hairstyle is the grounded but glamourous one. This personality type does not need to be loud but is definitely not shy about his or her chic-ness. This type of personality appreciates the finer things in life but does not need to flash a big brand name so that everyone else knows, too.

You might have a romantic personality that can be shown in your hairstyle. This can be a feminine or masculine look, depending on you. This look seeks to communicate strength and confidence through familiar styles. Yet it is also a style that seeks to inject some modern touches because times have changed.

The last personality that our hairdressers are going to be looking to highlight is the classic personality. The classic personality is content with a look that has worked for ages. Adding modern touches seems a little too risky for this person, especially because the classic looks are always accepted. This type of person does not want to stick out but would rather fit in.

The hairdressers at The Hepburn Hair Project make it a priority to dive into your personality, and allow this to shine through in your hairstyle.

The Three C’s Theory is the Backbone of The Hepburn Hair Project

Every hair artists in the salon brings something unique to the table, which makes it easy to find a stylist who speaks your language. This is an important feature of the salon, yet there is something we all agree on, which is the Three C’s theory or elemental foundations.

The following are the Three C’s we pay attention to:

  • Your hair colour
  • The quality of your cut
  • The condition of your hair

Just in case you did not notice the Three C’s, they stand for colour, cut, and condition. So how does The Hepburn Hair Project approach your style while observing these important aspects? It is accomplished by attention to detail; this is the kind of detail you might expect from the actress Audrey Hepburn in her winning performance in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She knew exactly what the character needed to pull off that sophisticated and chic look. You can expect that kind of diligence from the hairstyle professionals at our lovely salon that sits right on Oxford Road in Manchester.


Trusting the best hairdressers in Manchester does come with perks, and dealing with colour details definitely serves as a good example. Here is a team of experienced beauticians who know how to take pieces of you, and turn it into one exceptional masterpiece.

Finding your hair colour is not just about looking for the shade that is most popular at the moment. That is one mistake that this salon does not make while others might. Many people believe that looking like their favourite star is enough to make one look fabulous, but that is simply not the truth.

Your stylist will take a few things into consideration before suggesting a few hair shades, like your eye colour and undertones. These things are important, and they help a stylist match your hair colour with you. For example, if you have rosy or pink undertones, this will work better with a shade of beige or even a medium champagne colour.


Getting the cut right is another important aspect that the hairdressers at the salon take into consideration. Again, a mistake that some salons make is letting you just choose a style simply because it is hip, or you think it might look good. You should understand that a style that looks good on someone else may not look good on you.

There are many things that need to be carefully evaluated before cuts are suggested. Do not be afraid that you will not have enough choices to choose from because every person has thousands of styles that will work. It is all about finding the ones that work for you. You already know that the hair specialist is going to figure out your personality, but it does not stop there. The stylist will also pay attention to your personal style and might even ask you what kinds of colours dominate your wardrobe. It would be a good idea to let your stylist know what you normally wear if you are not dressed in your personal style.

The hairdresser will also pay attention to your face structure. This is a very important aspect that is often overlooked by other salons. There are a number of face structures like oval, heart, diamond, or square, just to name a few. All of these have their pros and cons. For example, those of you with a diamond-shaped face might need to soften up high cheekbones with a style that creates an oval shape. The cheekbones will be softened with curvaceous styles that give the semblance of a softer bone structure around the middle of the face.

Every facial structure has certain looks that help bring out the best in that person. There are several key things that must be achieved with the right style, like some of the following:

  • The style should reveal a soft facial structure.
  • The style will seek to create an oval shape, which is the desired head structure.
  • Rough or asymmetrical issues should be resolved.
  • Attention will be given to the eyes, which are very important.
  • Your overall natural beauty should be highlighted.

You can talk to your hairdresser about your facial structure and how he or she will use it to bring out the best of you.


Okay, you know why it is important to ensure that your hair is as healthy as possible. A style or colour might be great for you, but the condition of the hair will ultimately make or break the look. You should see the condition of your hair as the backbone of your style and colour, which is how the hairdressers at The Hepburn Hair Project salon see it.

There are a number of aspects that a hair specialist is going to pay attention to when it comes to the condition of your hair. For one, the fullness will be thoroughly examined. Fullness is that bounce you experience when your hair is healthy. The other thing that your stylist will pay attention to is how dry or oily your hair is. It is very important to keep a balance between the two. If you hair is too oily, it will get sticky with certain products while dryness could lead to severe breakage.

Your stylist will also pay attention to the health of your ends where most damage usually shows up. It is important to evaluate your hair to ensure that the right products are used while taking care of your hair. Rest assured that your stylist might also make recommendations to improve the health of your hair. This might include using mashed avocado as a deep conditioner at home to improve dry hair or using aloe vera gel to control oily hair.

A stylist may also recommend a few dietary additions to enhance the health of your hair like eggs, salmon, or avocados that was mentioned above. These foods are rich in biotin, which is an important nutrient for healthy hair; it increases elasticity and strengthens hair. Your stylist might even tell you to buy a water filter to remove heavy metals that tend to make it hard to thoroughly clean your hair. This means soap scum might get left behind or metals that might end up drying your hair out, which could lead to more breakage. Of course, these are just a few examples of the types of solutions that a stylist at our salon might talk to you about.

The point is that your hair expert will make you his or her top priority. This salon is not in the business of trying to beat out the competition or just getting more clients. We want to establish a relationship that is meant to last. We want to be there for you, and following the Three C’s model is one effective way to ensure that the stylists are ready to bring out the best in you every single time.

The Hepburn Hair Project Keeps it Quaint and Exclusive

There is something special about local hair salons, and The Hepburn Hair Project is no different. Ninety three percent of all hair salons are micro-businesses employing people from the neighbourhood. This makes supporting local businesses a lot easier for you. Sure, our attention to detail and expertise puts us a cut above the rest, but one thing that is not different is how small the salon is. It is not small in the sense of square footage; in fact, it is quite roomy, but the salon does not use its excess room to pack in more chairs.

Some hair salons might use the extra space to take care of more clients at one time. The people behind this prestigious hair salon believe that providing full attention to only a few patrons makes for a better experience. The salon decided to use the space to make you feel more comfortable. The salon owners know that confined spaces usually lead to anxiety. The Hepburn Hair Project ensured that the salon was designed with an open floor plan so that visitors feel like the salon was an escape from everyday living and stresses.

Keeping the floor plan open, the pool of specialist small, and the clientèle exclusive allows The Hepburn Hair Project to do some of the following:

  • A stylist is assigned to one client, and the client is fully tended to
  • The salon becomes an oasis of beauty and relaxation
  • Chatter is easily controlled.
  • Relaxed workstations ensures that the stylist stays focused.
  • Appointments are never rushed, so there is no pressure.
  • Your hairdresser will know your look and know you by name.
  • The salon will be able to work with your schedule and not the other way around.

Of course, these are only some of the benefits that we offer; there are more that you can discuss with your hair stylist when you visit The Hepburn Hair Project. Hopefully, what you take away from this salon is that it is a place filled with people who care about beauty, relaxation, and hair. The salon is a palace meant to help you discover what you are capable of. You will finally know just how amazing you can look with the right care.